Cruz Studios Staff

Isleen Moreilli -Realism/FineLine


  Isleen (I-leen) has lived in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia all her life. Drawn to the tattoo industry from an early age, she has always been artistically passionate. From sculpting to illustrating, Isleen has always strived to develop her skill and personal style. Isleen is flexible and has experience with many different styles of tattooing, everything from script to realism, but is most known for her intricate detailed fine line work. Although she has most recently focused on her illustrative line work, she’s always ready to take on new and exciting projects in any style. Very meticulous, and detail oriented, she strives to produce the best possible work for her clients, driven from a pure and intrinsic love of tattooing.  

 *200$ Deposits are required to book. 

Sam Erin - FineLine/Neo Trad


 *50$ Deposits are required to book. 

Jessica MacGillivray - HairStylist


Amber Dinn - Colour/Black & Grey



Amber has been tattooing since 2010. She is proficient in both black and grey or colour in a variety of styles. Some of her interests and favourite subjects to tattoo include dinosaurs, wildlife, history, mythology, fantasy, anime, video games and pop culture. When Amber is not tattooing, she enjoys reading, gaming, terrain crafting and painting tabletop miniatures. 

*200$ Deposits are required to book.

Jesse Dicey-Neo Trad/Black & Grey, Full Colour



Amberleigh Dauphinais


Owner and Manager.

 Amber is the co-owner of Cruz Studios Tattoo here in Chilliwack which opened in August of 2016. She’s originally from a small town called Trenton in Ontario but has since made Chilliwack her home over the past 17 years. Although a workaholic she does enjoy spending what free time she has traveling with her daughters, and with her cats. 

Over the last 4 years Amber has grown Cruz Studios into an award winning studio, as well as one of the top preforming tattoo studios in the Valley.

Studio Policies & Rules

  • Be Respectful -  You respect us, we respect you. We will work with you to create the masterpiece you crave, so long as you remember we are human too. Super awesome colorful humans, but human nonetheless. This includes coming in and swearing at our staff, we will NOT TOLERATE you treating us like garbage cause someone peed in your cereal. This is common sense and is inclusive in BE RESPECTFUL, or be banned.
  • Your Appointment is NOT a party -  Yes, getting a tattoo is fun, scary, painful and all kinds of other things we like to share with others. But please be courteous to other clients and artists and understand that a big group of people is a disruption. Party hardy on your own time folks, max of 2 guest at your appointment. 
  • Adults Only or 16 and over with consent -  Yes, like one of those super awesome Jamaican resorts but in a very PG way. We do not tattoo anyone under 18, without a signed consent form by the parent, period. We don’t care if your mom is super cool and is letting you get that “oh so sick” butterfly on your ankle at 16. Can’t get it done here without them signing. 
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding -  Babies are adorable, and we are happy for you and all that. But because we care about your unborn little beauty, we won’t tattoo you while pregnant or breastfeeding. Yes, your cousin’s friend who tattoos in his basement might say otherwise, but we don’t work on ladies carrying little bundles in their bellies or breast feeding. 
  • NO KIDS -  Well-behaved kids are fine to come in to the shop for a visit or join you for your consultation, but they shouldn’t join you during your appointment. We are not a daycare or a playground. 
  • Communication -  This really amazing invention known as the cell phone allows you to communicate with people in a timely fashion. This means that you should be reaching out to us if you are going to be late to an appointment or have to reschedule. We will do you the same courtesy. So, be on time, or let us know when you won’t. 
  • NO REFUNDS! -  Your deposit is meant to secure your appointment and protect your artist’s time and labor investment. We don’t refund deposits. We are professionals and don’t work for free. Not that you aren’t pretty…but we work too hard to just be giving our work away.
  • No Shows - If you choose not to show up to your appointment (and don’t make an effort to connect with your artist or admin prior to 48h) you lose your deposit. Keep in mind that your relationship with your artist is both a personal and professional one. As well we reserve the right to not re-book you if you no-show. Be courteous, we have kitties and children to feed. When you no-show, you are stealing money from them.
  • Cleanliness -  Showering is not hard. They teach you in elementary school that bathing is important because people start to smell during puberty. Guess what, you’re beyond puberty. So you might smell. Be clean before coming in to get tattooed, and try to shave the area being tattooed if it’s hairy. If you’re Sasquatch-y and we need to finish fur-removal for you, we charge our hourly rate. No, we’re not kidding. Shave yourself, bathe yourself. It’s what the cool kids do. 
  • If you book a FULL DAY you will be charged a minimum of 5 hours.
  • Prices are not negotiable, our NO REFUND policy applies to any and all deposits and credits on accounts.
  • All Gift Cards are FINAL SALE no matter what. Gift cards bought are for the studio and not a specific artist. If your artist leaves you will be able to use your gift card for any other in the studio but you are not able to get a refund as our studio doesn't do refunds.
  • CREDITS WON ARE NOT GIFTCARDS, they expire at different times at owners discretion and as posted on the contest you entered. They are non transferable and expire between 3month-12months from date of contest closing.


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